Thursday, 14 August 2014

Cheating: Seven-year itch theory dispelled by new research

  • 72% of cheating men find their partner less attractive than before they committed to the relationship
  • The biggest lull in sexual attraction occurs between the 3rd and 6th years of a relationship
  • Lack of attraction is likely to end more than 60% of relationships

A recent survey conducted by Victoria Milan – a leading website for attached people looking to cheat – reveals when the spark in relationships is most likely to burn out – and it happens well before the notorious seven-year mark.

More than 3,600 male cheaters who are active members of Victoria Milan answered questions that delved into the ups and downs of their long-term relationships.

45% of cheating men say the honeymoon period didn’t start to wane until the third year of marriage – it was at that point that they stopped enjoying sex with their significant other. 

One quarter of unfaithful men claim it is between the third and sixth year of a long-term relationship that they are the least sexually attracted to their partner.

The sixth year is when the fire lights up again – dispelling the infamous theory that the seven-year mark is when infidelity is most likely to occur.  30% of men claim that after the sixth year of marriage, things really start to heat up.

CEO and Founder of Victoria Milan, Sigurd Vedal, said the results indicate that while it’s fun to have a daring and dirty dalliance from time to time, long-term relationships are often forever.

“Often, it’s having affairs that rekindle the spark in a cheating couple’s relationship. Perhaps they appreciate each other more after trying what’s out there – maybe they are turned on by their partner’s ignorance to the secrecy and sexiness of the forbidden fruit they taste, and the risks associated.  Either way – at Victoria Milan, we know they aren’t waiting seven years to find out what it tastes like,” he said.

For ladies out there concerned that their man might be preparing to stray, Victoria Milan has the answers from cheaters who no longer find their partner attractive. 

Nearly half of cheating men (47%) say they would like their lady to be more feminine and wear high heels, while 32% said weight-loss and diet would go a long way in heating up the relationship.  Save that trip to the salon and shopping mall – a haircut will only get 12% of men interested again, and a fashion make-over will nab you 9%