Monday, 11 November 2013

Ten Ways a Happy Relationship Will Make You FAT

Being in a happy relationship is just the best feeling in the world. HOWEVER, I guarantee if you are lucky enough to be with someone you love then you have put on a few pounds since getting together.

Yes I'm afraid it's true, being in love can make you fat.

Here are ten traps to watch out for:

Eating out more:

When you get into a relationship you end up eating out more in bars and restaurants and what you do eat is usually higher in calories than what you would normally go for as you both egg each other on. If you want to cut down on your calorie consumption then why not stay in a bit more and cook for each other and for dessert you can work off the calories in the bedroom.

Girls will eat the same size portions as their man:

I got caught up in this trap as it's very easy to do. When you cook for your man you end up, more often than not, eating the same size of portions as him. This is a sure fire way to put the pounds on. Ladies you have to look after your waistline and cut down on the man-sized portions no matter how tempting they may be.

Lack of exercise:

When you are single you have more time for the gym or you have more time in the morning to go for a run but when you are part of a double act then this time can get smaller. It's easy to skip exercise time and instead spend more time cuddling up in bed but  remember it's important not to fall out of your routine just because you have a partner. If you do reduce your exercise time then when you do work out make sure it's high intensity or even better try and exercise together.

You eat more ice-cream and treats:

When you are snuggled up on the couch or at the cinema then it's easy to grab a tub of ice cream or a pick n mix and stuff your faces. Let's face it eating is really good fun and when you share it with someone you love then it's even better. You probably eat more desserts when you go out for a meal too or you share one. It's good to treat yourself now and again but if you are doing it every night then you have to have a look at yourself.

You drink more:

When you are enjoying each others company it's easy to grab a wee bottle of wine to pass the time with. It's great getting tipsy and laughing together but just remember wine and beer are pretty calorific and they are a sure-fire way of watching your waistline expand. If you want to drink with each other then do it at the weekends and if you want to reduce your calories then try spirits instead. Also when you are drunk you are more likely to eat fatty foods and takeaways.

Emotional eating:

When we are happy we eat, when we are sad we eat. It's a vicious circle.If you are in a happy relationship you will have no doubt fallen into a few traps like the ones above but also if you are going through a rocky patch in your love life you will probably reach for the biscuit tin. You will get five seconds of satisfaction then you will feel bad again, it's just not worth it. Don't eat- talk to people instead if you are feeling down or go for a walk.

High-calorie dates:

If you are in the middle of a dating scene where you are seeing a few people to get to your mr or mrs right then you will be eating out loads which will play havoc with you belly. If you want to date and not pile on the pounds then why not suggest nights out that don't revolve around eating and drinking. Go ice skating, to the cinema, out for a walk or go to a gig instead.

Romantic gestures and edible gifts:

Cooking for each other, buying each other chocolates or grabbing 5pm or Groupon deals in town are a great way of spoiling each other but these treats can also spoil your waistlines. There are ways of saying 'I love you' other than food. Try flowers, lingerie or send love notes or emails to each other instead.

You pick up each others bad habits:

If you partner loves to each crisps and chocolate after dinner then you will probably fall into the same trap. If they like a midnight munch of ice cream then you will probably do the same. When you love someone you often start mirroring their same habits and eating is one of them. Don't pick them up for their bad habits, instead try and introduce healthier snacks such as a bowl of popcorn instead of a 1KG bar of chocolate for a night in front of the telly.

You are in the comfort zone:

When you are happy you can often forget about looking your best. You are in the comfort zone where you think you don't really need to try anymore because you have caught the catch of your dreams so you eat what you want when you want. Your partner will hopefully love you whatever size you are but it's important to remember what you looked like when you first got together. Staying healthy and keeping your weight in check is one of the best ways of maintaining a good relationship.

Monday, 4 November 2013

10 Reasons Men Fall Out of Love With Women

Ladies we have all been in a position in our lives where the man we have been dating suddenly turns around and tells us that he no longer wants to be with us.

It's heartbreaking at the time and you are left wondering what the hell happened and what you did wrong.

Well here are ten reasons guys suddenly go off us girls. Take note and make sure you don't fall into any of these traps:

You are too clingy:

Loads of men break up with their girlfriends because they say they were too clingy. This could mean you call and text him all the time and he doesn''t want that. Or you want constant attention and cuddles when he just wants to sit and watch the football. You may want to hang out with him and his mates when he just wants a boy's night out. Or you just want to spend all your free time together. To avoid being seen as being too clingy you have to find out what kind of relationship you both want. A lot of couples do all of the above and love that level of contact but that is because they are singing from the same commitment hymn sheet. You have to be both ready for the same level of commitment for the relationship to work.

You are high maintenance:

High maintenance girlfriends are a complete nightmare and one of the most common complaints among men. When you are getting ready for a night out do you take ages? Do you refuse to let him see you with no make-up on? Do you moan about getting your hair wet when the rain comes on? Do you want him to buy you that latest designer handbag you have seen or the latest expensive outfit Kim Kardashian is wearing? Is looking good more important to you than letting your hair down and enjoying yourself? If you answered yes to these questions then you really have to take a good look at yourself because this isn't behaviour that will work well in a good relationship.

The honeymoon period ends:

Every relationship has a honeymoon period where you can't keep your hands off each other and you are completely infatuated with the other person and want to spend every waking moment with them. Well this unfortunately ends for everyone. When the honeymoon period ends then that is when reality kicks in and you begin to see your partner for who they really are- warts and all. When you are in a honeymoon state you don't really see your partner's bad habits but when it ends they suddenly become obvious. Sometimes the bad bits outweigh the good bits and that's when men realise it's time to end it with the girl.

He is no longer attracted to you:

This is a hard fact to deal with but sometimes men fall out of love with women because they are no longer attracted to them. Being attractive to your partner is a big thing in a relationship as it will probably be what you got you both together in the first place. As time goes on attractiveness can fade unfortunately as the person gets to know you better. However, ladies please don't worry if a guy suddenly turns round and says they are no longer attracted to you because that is just down to their opinion. It just means you are not right for them and it doesn't mean men won't be attracted to you in the future.

You have become lazy and complacent:

When you have been in a relationship for some time it is easy to get complacent and a wee bit lazy. A lot of women get a ring on their finger and they automatically think they have made it and they no longer need to try with their man. Sometimes men and women stop putting as much effort into the relationship to keep things fresh. People also have a tendency to let themselves go when the get into a settled relationship ie they put on weight and they stop trying to look as good as they first did when they got together with their partner. It's important to keep the spark alive by trying to maintain a healthy, fun relationship. Remember some of the things you both did when you got together and try them out again.

You have different senses of humour:

Yeah I'm afraid it does matter if you laugh at the same things in life. When you first start a relationship you can cope with the fact that you maybe laugh at different things to your partner but as time goes on it does begin to grate on guys. if you don't laugh at the same jokes, the same comedians or each other then you could be on the road to nowhere. If you want a relationship that lasts longer than a year then you have to be on the same page as your partner.

Being two faced, bitchy moaner:

Men do not like bitchy women who moan their faces off. Being a two-faced bitch is such a turn off for guys. Women like to gossip with each other but many guys just aren't interested when they see their girlfriends behaving like that. Are you one of these girls who will compliment another female to their face and when their back is turned you slag them off to your boyfriend? Not a cool way to behave.

If you are a moaner you might also be in trouble as nobody wants to be in a partnership with someone who is always miserable and moaning about anything and everything. Take a look at yourself and if you think this is you then change the way you act pronto because you could be doing more damage to your relationship than you think.

Sleepless nights:

Sleepless nights really can kill a relationship. If your partner snores or is a restless sleeper it can be an absolute nightmare getting a good nights snooze. Again, when you are in a new relationship it can be tolerated but as time goes on it can really grate on some people. Not getting enough sleep can really change someone's mood and behaviour putting strain on the relationship. Sleepless nights are often sited in divorce papers.

You don't talk enough:

Poor communication between couples is a real relationship killer. You have to be able to open up to one another and talk about good things to get to know each other but also you have to be able to talk about any issues that may arise in your relationship. Not being open and honest with each other can really lead to misunderstandings and so many other problems. If you are with the right person then communication should come naturally.

You don't get on with his family:

Family is incredibly important and if you constantly struggle to get on with his parents and siblings then this can pose problems for many couples. You may have your thoughts about them but if they aren't good then try and keep them to yourself. Men feel really uncomfortable when the people they care about in their lives don't get on. If you don't get on with the in-laws and are always causing friction in the family then he could one day have to make an awkward decision- them or you.

There are many reasons why men and women fall out of love and go their own separate ways but keep in mind some of the points above and they will hopefully help you maintain a good relationship.