Sunday, 20 October 2013

10 Sex Experiences You Need to Try Before You Die

Before you get too old to have awesome sex there are ten sex experiences you need to try.

If you are needing to spice up your love life then what I am about to tell you will seriously help you reignite passion between the sheets.

Here are ten saucy sex experiences you should make sure you try:

Morning Sex:

Morning sex is the best way to start your day. Make sure you set your alarm at least once a week to wake up half an hour early and give your partner something to smile about. A lot of guys are really turned on in the mornings, so ladies use this knowledge to your advantage. Also, you wake up refreshed and raring to go which is a far cry from being tired when you come home from work. Morning sex really puts a spring in your step and it will make you smile all day at work while keeping the two of you close.

Have sex in the great outdoors:

Alfresco sex can be spontaneous, sexy and fun but it can come with an element of danger as you really don't want to be caught. If you are in a secluded spot where there is no one to be seen then why not give it a go? Take a picnic blanket and head out to a scenic place and enjoy the fresh air and each other. Because it is quite risky your adrenaline will go through the roof and it will heighten sex between you. However, I think the best way to enjoy outdoor sex is to have it in your garden or on your balcony as it is much safer.

Have sex in a car:

Now this may take some of you back to when you were younger and you first passed your driving test and while living with your parents you needed somewhere to be naughty. Again you have to be in a very secluded spot where no one will see you. Or just park your car in the garage and be naughty in private. Having sex outside the bedroom is fun and relieves any boredom and routine you might have gotten yourself into. You can use the back seat or ladies can straddle their men in the passenger seat.

Have sex using food:

First thing you need to remember is that your sheets will get messy so I would suggest trying this out just before you are ready to wash your duvet. Food sex can be really fun as the pair of you can loosen up and laugh while being sexy. Food and drink that work well includes strawberries, chocolate body-paint, grapes, cream as well as fizzy wine and some ice cubes. Feed each other and eat and lick the food off each others bodies.

Have sex at your parents' house:

Yes having sex at your parents house is very naughty but it can be sexy and frantic too. At some point we all have to stay over at our parents' home with our partner so why not use the time wisely when the lights go out. The sex is hot because we know really we shouldn't being doing it, plus you will have to be a bit quieter than normal which can make the sex even sexier. Just please make sure there is either a lock on the bedroom door or your parents have just popped out for a while and you are both alone.

Make-up sex

We all fight with our better halves but the best part of making-up with them really is the make-up sex- it can be mind-blowing. The reason it is so hot is because you are all fired up and probably raging about something so your adrenaline is pumping and you are feeling passionate. Make-up sex can be frantic but very hot as you rip each others clothes off. Let your inhibitions go and show your partner just how much you want them. Your make-up sex can be romantic if you want it to be but 90% of the time it's hot and heavy but very, very sexy.

Use sex toys and porn:

For some of you this might not be your cup of tea but if you have never tried using toys and porn then I suggest you give them a go at least once- you might just like it. Toys can include vibrators, handcuffs, blindfolds, whips, nipple clamps and willy rings. There is such a huge selection to choose from. Why not take a trip to Anne Summers with your partner and shop for some naughty toys and lingerie, then choose a special night to try them all out. Watching porn together can also be very sexy and can give you both some ideas of new positions to try.

Have sex on the washing machine:

Who says being a domestic goddess is no fun? The best way to do this is for the girl to bend over the machine once she has turned it on then her partner takes her from behind while kneeling into the machine. The vibrations will go right through the both of your bodies sending shivers up your spine and making certain areas more sensitive. Plus you will have clean washing at the end of your spin cycle. ;0)

Pretend you have just met:

Pretending to meet for the first time can be a really sexy role playing game that ends with a happy ending. The best way to do it is for one of you to book into a hotel for the night and then head to the bar where your partner will already be there waiting for a 'brief encounter'. Once you meet each other then pretend you have just met for the first time. Watch the tension and sexiness soar, then head to the bedroom and have wild, passionate sex as if you are having a one night stand. It's naughty but nice.

Stare into each others eyes:

Looking into someone's eyes is incredibly sensual and intimate. However, there are too many couples out there who don't stare into their partner's eyes while having sex. By staring into each other's eyes during love-making you can actually make your orgasms more powerful. Gazing at each other for a few minutes while in the throes of passion makes you feel really close to the other person and the whole experience will be heightened and feel more passionate.

So there you have it an awesome sexy to do list to work through...what are you waiting on..get started today!

Monday, 14 October 2013

10 Sex Injuries You Want to Avoid

Embarrassed Saturday's singer Rochelle Humes revealed live on air recently that she had to be rushed to A & E after being injured during sexy time with her JLS husband Marvin.

Getting injured during sex is more common than you think, it's a highly physical act which does bring with it the risk of getting hurt.

Here are 10 sex injuries you want to avoid:

Falling off the bed:

When we are in the throes of passion we can sometimes get carried away and forget about the dangers of having sex. One of the most common complaints from couples is falling off the bed or table during sexy time. You don't have to do a risk assessment every time you get down to it but it is a good idea to be mindful of where you are having fun.


Believe it or not but some people who have a weak heart have come a cropper when getting all hot and sweaty during sexy cuddles. As I mentioned sex is a really active activity and during it out hearts begin to race. As a result some people just can't take the excitement and exertion and unfortunately succumb to having a heart attack. Research has shown people are three times more likely to have a heart attack in the hours after intercourse.

Swallowing condoms:

Safe sex is a must but sometimes those condoms can be pesky little blighters. I know condoms are now all kinds of flavours but they really aren't for human consumption- some women have actually swallowed them during sexy time.


I think at some point in our lives we have all been faced with getting cramp during sex. It can be a real passion killer but sometimes it's unavoidable when you are getting physical with another person. Sex is like a form of exercise which can burn off 300 calories an hour and like exercise we are prone to pulling muscles or getting cramp when we least expect it.

Bruises, carpet burns and broken bones:

IT'S incredibly common to wake up with some awkward bruises, carpet burns and even broken bones. If you use handcuffs or scarves during sex then be careful they aren't too tight on you or your partner. Also if you are having sex on the floor be mindful of the fact it might be great in the throes of passion but the next day you will be feeling it. Research shows a third of people in the UK have admitted to suffering from sex-related carpet burns and bruises with some eve having to phone in sick.

Incorrect lube:

Using lube during sex can really enhance the experience for the both of you but it is important to find a brand that you and your partner can tolerate. Some people can be allergic to different kinds of lubrication which can leave your skin sore and itchy. There are tonnes on the market to choose from so make sure you get one you both enjoy.

Candles by the bedside:

I dunno about you but I love candle light in the bedroom. Not only is it romantic and sexy but it makes you look better when you are getting down to business. However, having candles by your bedside does bring with it some risks because as the ground moves for you and your partner so does your bedside cabinet and sometimes the candles can be easily knocked over setting the bedsheets on fire. Also I know a lot of couples like using candle wax during sex but this can also lead to the first aid kit due to burns. So be careful.

Avoid broken glass:

It's great to get in the mood for sex with a nice glass of vino or if you are lucky some champagne. However, glasses are the most common things broken in a bedroom and could leave you rolling around in agony rather than pleasure. Be careful you don't knock any over and fall into the broken shards of glass as it is definitely a passion killer.

Keep pets away from the bedroom:

If you have a cat or a dog then make sure it is well away from where you and your partner are enjoying some intimate time. The reason being pets can be very protective of their owners and if they hear strange noises coming from you they may think you are in pain or are being hurt so to defend you they will attack your partner. Believe it or not people have been left with bite and scratch marks because of their pets. You have been warned.

Ruptured blood vessels:

And finally if you are lucky you should be experiencing mind-blowing orgasms but they can also come at a price- burst blood vessels. When you have an intense orgasm you will increase the flow of blood to your head and it can lead to ruptured blood vessels in your eyes leaving you with red eyes as well as reduced vision for a while.

Sex is supposed to be fun but like anything else in life it can come with it's dangers.

But as my mother always says: “If you can't be good, be careful.”

Friday, 11 October 2013

10 Things That Make You Terrible in Bed

Let's face it we all want to be awesome in bed.

We all want to leave our partners satisfied and hungry for more sexy time.

To give you a heads up though there are certain things you can cut out which will automatically improve your performance between the sheets.

Avoid these things and you will boost your sex life for sure:


It is pretty gross climbing into bed with someone who smells and tastes like they have just ate an ashtray. No matter if you take a shower or drink a litre of mouth wash I'm afraid you will still be a massive turn off to the majority of people. Also smoking can stem the blood flow in your body which means for guys your erections might be temperamental, while ladies you might not orgasm as much because smoking makes you feel less sensitive. Stub it out and watch your love life soar.

Get rid of your pet from the bedroom:

I can't believe how many people allow their pets in the room when they are getting down to business. It's so off putting when you are in the throes of passion and you suddenly catch a glance of your cat or dog looking at you wondering what the hell you are moaning at. Also if you allow your pet to regularly sleep on your bed then this can cause your boudoir to smell which isn't sexy at all. Pets can also disturb your sleep cycle, leaving you too tired for any sexy time.

Ditch your smartphone:

Are you one of these people who dives on their phone whenever you hear it 'ding'? If so this could be seriously affecting the passion in your life. That email, text or Facebook message can wait. Sexy time with your partner in the real world is much more important than your virtual friends. He or she has to know you are completely focused on them..not your phone. If you can, banish your phone from the bedroom all together as it not only kills the passion between the sheets it can also give you sleepless nights.

Guys, avoid onions, garlic and coffee:

The obvious reason is of course these foods and drink makes your breath smell. However, guys should stay away from them for another reason- they make your semen taste awful, according to research.

Avoid thinking about your work:

Work is stressful, there is no denying it but don't let your feelings about work and your boss get in the way of having fun in the bedroom with your partner. It happens to us all that sometimes we just can't shake the day off and it automatically kills the passion at home and also makes you emotionally tired. Our sex drive automatically soars when it's the weekend as work is a distant memory or when we are on holiday. During the week though try and de-stress before your hit the bedroom. It's supposed to be a calm environment where you not only get a good nights sleep but you also have fun in with the person you love.

Don't wear scruffy pants or old lingerie:

Guys don't wear boxers or pants that have seen better days and girls make sure your lingerie is still hot to trot instead of needing to go in the bin. There is nothing sexy about old scruffy underwear. Just like with food we eat with our eyes first and it is the same in the bedroom, if your partner looks good then you are more willing to have a good time with them.

Don't watch violent or sad films or TV before bed:

When watching sad or violent movies or TV programmes they give you feelings of stress, anger, sadness, fear or anxiety and all these emotions are far removed from the aroused feeling you want to have when getting between the sheets with your partner. Instead turn up the heat and watch more erotic and sexy shows to help get you in the mood.

Body hygiene:

Your sex life will be non existent if you don't maintain good body hygiene. B.O is such a turn off as well as bad breath. Also keep your toe nails in check as well as your body grooming. Nobody likes going to bed with a gorilla- male or female. If your hygiene isn't the best then your partner won't be happy and will be less likely to dive between the sheets with you. 

Keep up your exercise routine:

Regular exercise boosts your sex drive as you feel like you have more energy and you will be looking toned and healthy which will of course boost your confidence. Plus, exercise releases endorphins which is our body's happy juice which will make you more open to some sexy time. A recent survey showed guys who exercised for an hour three times a week had better sexual satisfaction and had more sex.

Don't get fat:

I've left the worst to last. Putting on weight will make you terrible in bed. That's because you will become self-conscious and your confidence levels will fall through the floor. You won't feel as sexy any more and you won't be as adventurous in bed like you were when you were a few pounds lighter. Your sexy time will become routine and less fun for your partner so put the cakes down and remember your love-life is more important than a sugar rush.

There are of course other things that can make you bad in bed but I guarantee if you take into consideration some of the points above then you and your partner will be much happier under the covers.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

How to Cope When You See Your Ex With Someone Else

Read my article on how to cope when you see your ex with someone else online at the Daily Record

Sunday, 6 October 2013

10 Tips to Relieving Stress When Moving In Together

It's the best feeling in the world when your boyfriend asks you to move in with him. It's a huge step and while it's amazing living with someone you love it can also be incredibly stressful as this is the time in your relationship where you will begin to argue. Trust me it happens to us all. So here are ten tips to help ensure you have a smooth transition into your new home and your new way of life:
Decide where you want to live:

Sometimes moving into your partners' home can be awkward especially if he has lived with an ex at that same address. If you are cool with that then fine but if not then you have to raise that subject. Maybe you just don't like your partners' place and you think yours' is better, in that case suggest you move in together at your gaff. But for some couples the best thing to do is find a home that is new to you both which has no ghosts running around from previous relationships.
Sort out the clutter:

When you get to a certain age you will have collected quite a lot of belongings- much of which you probably won't really need. When moving in with someone then this is the ideal time to sort yourself out and get rid of all the clutter in your life. It will be the same for your partner too. So set aside a day where you both work out what to throw out and what you would like to keep.
Don't leave the paperwork to one person:
When you buy or rent a home then there is a lot of grown up paperwork to deal with which can be quite stressful. Make sure that you take your fair share of responsibility and don't just leave it to your partner to deal with. If you share the paperwork then you are halving the stress but it also means that you will both be clued up as to what it going on regarding your new home.
Share the household chores:

One of the big reasons couples argue is down to housework and daily tasks surrounding the house. It takes a lot of energy to run a home as well as maintain a relationship while holding down a career and having a social life. The best way to cope is by agreeing with each other who should do what chores. For instance I hate hoovering but my other half doesn't mind while I don't mind dusting- he hates dusting, so we agree we each do those chores. If you want you can draw up a rota to keep you right. Remember boys cooking and cleaning aren't just for women nowadays.
Give each other space:

When you first start living together you will want to spend every waking moment together but over time you have to realise that it's important to give each other some space so you and your partner can have some 'me time'. Getting time out on your own is hugely important as it clears your head and you don't feel smothered. It's important to be able to relax on your own whether that is read a book, go for a long bath or listen to some music. Everyone needs 'me time' so don't be afraid to ask your partner if you want to do something on your own for a couple of hours in the house.
Always have date night:

When you live with someone for a wee while and the honeymoon period rubs off then it's very important to schedule at least one proper date night a week. This means the pair of you only spends time with each other and ignore those smart-phones. Just forget the housework, your pain in the ass boss and the bills you need to pay and instead devote much needed couple time together. You could watch a DVD, cook dinner together or get naked and dance in your living-room- anything to keep the fun in your relationship.
Talk money:

It's rubbish having to be sensible with your partner and talk about money. It's not very sexy or fun but it has to be done. If you are moving in with your partner then is it something you can't avoid. Make sure you are both aware of what money is due every month for rent and bills. If you have a joint account make sure you both transfer money into it each month. If you want to save for a rainy day then make sure you are both on the same page and contribute to your 'fun fund'. If you borrow money from your partner then make sure you arrange a way to pay them back.
Accept each other's habits:

When you move in with someone you see them for who they really are- good and bad habits. When you share a bedroom, kitchen and bathroom with someone then you have to be prepared to accept they may do things a little differently from you. No one is perfect just remember that. If some of their habits are annoying you then bring them up in a polite rather than insulting or embarrassing them.
You have to be flexible:
Let's face it when it comes to home decoration men and women are sometimes poles apart. That means it is important to compromise with each other rather than fight it out in the soft furnishings section of a department store. You have to try and meet in the middle when it comes to choosing wallpaper and furniture. Remember it's not just your home it's a place for the both of you to enjoy.
Be honest with each other:
It can be a nerve-wrecking time moving in with the love of your life as it all of a sudden fells grown up. It's a commitment after all. So if you are feeling uneasy about something or you are worried about how your relationship will adapt then please talk to each other. They will probably have similar concerns you have anyway.
Moving in with the love of your life will have its ups and downs but I guarantee you that coming home to the person you want to spend the rest of your life with it just the most incredible feeling.
Every night feels like a Friday night for me and I hope it does for you too.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

0.3% Have 'OTHER' Sexual Preference

Out of every 100,000 people in the UK, 300 describe their sexual preferences not as straight, gay or bisexual but as "other", a poll has revealed.

A large survey of more than 340,000 people found that 0.3% would consider their sexuality to fall into this category, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said.

More than nine out of 10 (93.5%) people in the UK deem themselves to be heterosexual, according to the Integrated Household Survey from 2012.

The experimental data show that 1.1% of people would describe themselves as gay or lesbian and 0.4% consider themselves bisexual.

Meanwhile 4.7% of respondents gave no response or said they did not know.

The ONS said London had the highest proportion of adults who said they were gay, lesbian or bisexual and the East of England reported the lowest.

The report also said that people aged 16 to 24 were more likely to identify themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual, with 2.6% categorising themselves in this way compared with 0.4% of adults aged 65 and over.