Monday, 14 October 2013

10 Sex Injuries You Want to Avoid

Embarrassed Saturday's singer Rochelle Humes revealed live on air recently that she had to be rushed to A & E after being injured during sexy time with her JLS husband Marvin.

Getting injured during sex is more common than you think, it's a highly physical act which does bring with it the risk of getting hurt.

Here are 10 sex injuries you want to avoid:

Falling off the bed:

When we are in the throes of passion we can sometimes get carried away and forget about the dangers of having sex. One of the most common complaints from couples is falling off the bed or table during sexy time. You don't have to do a risk assessment every time you get down to it but it is a good idea to be mindful of where you are having fun.


Believe it or not but some people who have a weak heart have come a cropper when getting all hot and sweaty during sexy cuddles. As I mentioned sex is a really active activity and during it out hearts begin to race. As a result some people just can't take the excitement and exertion and unfortunately succumb to having a heart attack. Research has shown people are three times more likely to have a heart attack in the hours after intercourse.

Swallowing condoms:

Safe sex is a must but sometimes those condoms can be pesky little blighters. I know condoms are now all kinds of flavours but they really aren't for human consumption- some women have actually swallowed them during sexy time.


I think at some point in our lives we have all been faced with getting cramp during sex. It can be a real passion killer but sometimes it's unavoidable when you are getting physical with another person. Sex is like a form of exercise which can burn off 300 calories an hour and like exercise we are prone to pulling muscles or getting cramp when we least expect it.

Bruises, carpet burns and broken bones:

IT'S incredibly common to wake up with some awkward bruises, carpet burns and even broken bones. If you use handcuffs or scarves during sex then be careful they aren't too tight on you or your partner. Also if you are having sex on the floor be mindful of the fact it might be great in the throes of passion but the next day you will be feeling it. Research shows a third of people in the UK have admitted to suffering from sex-related carpet burns and bruises with some eve having to phone in sick.

Incorrect lube:

Using lube during sex can really enhance the experience for the both of you but it is important to find a brand that you and your partner can tolerate. Some people can be allergic to different kinds of lubrication which can leave your skin sore and itchy. There are tonnes on the market to choose from so make sure you get one you both enjoy.

Candles by the bedside:

I dunno about you but I love candle light in the bedroom. Not only is it romantic and sexy but it makes you look better when you are getting down to business. However, having candles by your bedside does bring with it some risks because as the ground moves for you and your partner so does your bedside cabinet and sometimes the candles can be easily knocked over setting the bedsheets on fire. Also I know a lot of couples like using candle wax during sex but this can also lead to the first aid kit due to burns. So be careful.

Avoid broken glass:

It's great to get in the mood for sex with a nice glass of vino or if you are lucky some champagne. However, glasses are the most common things broken in a bedroom and could leave you rolling around in agony rather than pleasure. Be careful you don't knock any over and fall into the broken shards of glass as it is definitely a passion killer.

Keep pets away from the bedroom:

If you have a cat or a dog then make sure it is well away from where you and your partner are enjoying some intimate time. The reason being pets can be very protective of their owners and if they hear strange noises coming from you they may think you are in pain or are being hurt so to defend you they will attack your partner. Believe it or not people have been left with bite and scratch marks because of their pets. You have been warned.

Ruptured blood vessels:

And finally if you are lucky you should be experiencing mind-blowing orgasms but they can also come at a price- burst blood vessels. When you have an intense orgasm you will increase the flow of blood to your head and it can lead to ruptured blood vessels in your eyes leaving you with red eyes as well as reduced vision for a while.

Sex is supposed to be fun but like anything else in life it can come with it's dangers.

But as my mother always says: “If you can't be good, be careful.”