Friday, 11 October 2013

10 Things That Make You Terrible in Bed

Let's face it we all want to be awesome in bed.

We all want to leave our partners satisfied and hungry for more sexy time.

To give you a heads up though there are certain things you can cut out which will automatically improve your performance between the sheets.

Avoid these things and you will boost your sex life for sure:


It is pretty gross climbing into bed with someone who smells and tastes like they have just ate an ashtray. No matter if you take a shower or drink a litre of mouth wash I'm afraid you will still be a massive turn off to the majority of people. Also smoking can stem the blood flow in your body which means for guys your erections might be temperamental, while ladies you might not orgasm as much because smoking makes you feel less sensitive. Stub it out and watch your love life soar.

Get rid of your pet from the bedroom:

I can't believe how many people allow their pets in the room when they are getting down to business. It's so off putting when you are in the throes of passion and you suddenly catch a glance of your cat or dog looking at you wondering what the hell you are moaning at. Also if you allow your pet to regularly sleep on your bed then this can cause your boudoir to smell which isn't sexy at all. Pets can also disturb your sleep cycle, leaving you too tired for any sexy time.

Ditch your smartphone:

Are you one of these people who dives on their phone whenever you hear it 'ding'? If so this could be seriously affecting the passion in your life. That email, text or Facebook message can wait. Sexy time with your partner in the real world is much more important than your virtual friends. He or she has to know you are completely focused on them..not your phone. If you can, banish your phone from the bedroom all together as it not only kills the passion between the sheets it can also give you sleepless nights.

Guys, avoid onions, garlic and coffee:

The obvious reason is of course these foods and drink makes your breath smell. However, guys should stay away from them for another reason- they make your semen taste awful, according to research.

Avoid thinking about your work:

Work is stressful, there is no denying it but don't let your feelings about work and your boss get in the way of having fun in the bedroom with your partner. It happens to us all that sometimes we just can't shake the day off and it automatically kills the passion at home and also makes you emotionally tired. Our sex drive automatically soars when it's the weekend as work is a distant memory or when we are on holiday. During the week though try and de-stress before your hit the bedroom. It's supposed to be a calm environment where you not only get a good nights sleep but you also have fun in with the person you love.

Don't wear scruffy pants or old lingerie:

Guys don't wear boxers or pants that have seen better days and girls make sure your lingerie is still hot to trot instead of needing to go in the bin. There is nothing sexy about old scruffy underwear. Just like with food we eat with our eyes first and it is the same in the bedroom, if your partner looks good then you are more willing to have a good time with them.

Don't watch violent or sad films or TV before bed:

When watching sad or violent movies or TV programmes they give you feelings of stress, anger, sadness, fear or anxiety and all these emotions are far removed from the aroused feeling you want to have when getting between the sheets with your partner. Instead turn up the heat and watch more erotic and sexy shows to help get you in the mood.

Body hygiene:

Your sex life will be non existent if you don't maintain good body hygiene. B.O is such a turn off as well as bad breath. Also keep your toe nails in check as well as your body grooming. Nobody likes going to bed with a gorilla- male or female. If your hygiene isn't the best then your partner won't be happy and will be less likely to dive between the sheets with you. 

Keep up your exercise routine:

Regular exercise boosts your sex drive as you feel like you have more energy and you will be looking toned and healthy which will of course boost your confidence. Plus, exercise releases endorphins which is our body's happy juice which will make you more open to some sexy time. A recent survey showed guys who exercised for an hour three times a week had better sexual satisfaction and had more sex.

Don't get fat:

I've left the worst to last. Putting on weight will make you terrible in bed. That's because you will become self-conscious and your confidence levels will fall through the floor. You won't feel as sexy any more and you won't be as adventurous in bed like you were when you were a few pounds lighter. Your sexy time will become routine and less fun for your partner so put the cakes down and remember your love-life is more important than a sugar rush.

There are of course other things that can make you bad in bed but I guarantee if you take into consideration some of the points above then you and your partner will be much happier under the covers.