Wednesday, 5 February 2014

UK Barking Mad this Valentine’s Day

THERE'S been a dramatic rise in the number of Brits who send their pets Valentine's Cards.

Personalised card company has released new stats revealing the disturbing truth.

Not only  is there an increasing trend for people to send Valentine’s cards to their pets, but
for pets to be sending cards to their owner.

There is also evidence to suggest that British pets are sending cards to each other - with a little help from their human companions.

Due to the popular demand the site has introduced a “Pet” option to the Valentine’s day section of the website, where pet-crazy customers can choose from a selection of pet-themed card.

The team can reveal the following results:

Dogs are far more popular than cats, with 10 times as many being from dogs rather than any other pet

Men are more likely to receive cards from their pets than women

While cards FROM pets account for 82% of sales, cards TO pets are also on the rise and predicted to be at more than double the figure from 2013

Dogs are the most popular pet for the card service at all other occasions throughout the year, with dogs featuring on 10 times as many cards for Birthdays, Christmas, Mother's Day and Father's Day
compared to cats.  The majority of pets who get Christmas cards from their owners are also dogs

Tony Spooner, Chairman of, explains: “We’ve seen everything, from singletons sending cards to their parrots, to wives shunning their husbands in favour of sending a card to the dog instead. The real sentiment behind this is that people really do love their pets, and personalised cards are a good way for us to feel close to them.”

Britain is famous for being a nation of animal lovers, with more than 50 per cent of British families owning a pet.

We keep some 7.7 million cats, 6.6 million dogs, one million budgerigars and 18 million goldfish – and now Valentine’s 2014 is set to be the biggest year so far for Brits to show their pets some love.