Monday, 31 March 2014

6 Things That Can Kill Your Sex Drive And What To Do About It

WHEN you are in a long-term relationship you can sometimes find your sex drive slowing down a bit.  

If you are still in the honeymoon period then I'm afraid at some point in your partnership sexy time will take a back seat now and again. It's just natural as life gets in the way.

Here are 6 things that can really affect the fun in the bedroom and what you can do to get your sexy back:

Having children:

If you are lucky enough to have kids then you will know they are a magical gift. However, they kill your sex life. Can you remember the days when you and your partner were carefree and always found time to get between the sheets? Well now you have had a little bundle of joy everything has probably changed. Kids can make you stressed and tired and all that spare time you used to have disappears and that can also have a huge affect on your sexy time. You really have to remember how important it is to make time for each other as a couple without your children being there. Make sure at least once a month you go on a proper date with each other... pack the kids off to grans or a friends for the night and get in the mood for some romance. If you don't make time for each other as a couple and have sex on a regular basis then your relationship will suffer in the long run. 

Getting a Promotion or New Job:

It's an awesome feeling getting promoted at work- finally all the hours you put into your job has finally paid off, but it can also have a detrimental affect on your nocturnal activities. That's because with a promotion or new job comes the stress and as we all know if you are stressed out of your nut then the last thing you want to do is get down and dirty in the bedroom. And the reason sex is far from your mind is because when we are stressed we release more cortisol into our system which is a nasty hormone that suppresses your estrogen and testosterone levels. It's important to work out how to ease or manage your stress levels and remember that it has an effect on your partner too. It's also important for your partner to have patience as you will eventually get used to your new responsibilities and things at work will become easier and your stress levels will become less and you will eventually get your sexy back.

Going on a Diet:

Let's face it going on a diet can make us miserable. If you are eating less food to shed the pounds it can make you grumpy and less likely to be in a sexy mood. And you will be pleased to know that research shows that bad foods such as takeaways and ice-cream are actually good for your bedroom activities- the mere smell of these food can increase the blood flow in a man's penis, helping him get in the mood. The best thing to do is eat more foods that give you energy and to remember that at the weekends you are allowed to have some treats in moderation without it having an effect on your weight loss. Don't let your diet or the way you feel about your body affect your sex life as it just isn't worth it. Us girls are always on a diet but it's important not to obsess over calories and how you look- instead just be careful with what you eat and remember to have fun in the bedroom.

Getting Drunk:

Having too much booze is a total passion killer. For guys too much alcohol can lead to 'brewer's droop' which is a failure to get an erection. For ladies when you are intoxicated your clitoris is less sensitive leaving it less likely to have an orgasm. Also for both men and women drinking more than two units a day can lower your libido. Let's face it- sexy time can be absolutely crap when there is booze involved. Yes a few glasses of vino can make you lose your inhibitions but how many of us know when enough is enough? The best sex you will ever have is when you are sober- trust me. When you are sober and getting sexy you are fully aware of what is happening and you are more sensitive to touch, plus when you are swinging from the chandelier you are less likely to feel sick.  So drink in moderation and watch your sex drive soar.  

Not Exercising:

I dunno about you but exercising is such a chore. However, it does have its plus points in the bedroom. Regular exercise can really boost your sex drive. According to research many men who exercise for an hour, three times a week have improved sexual satisfaction. Also, the fitter you are the more confident you become and the sexier you will feel. If you don't exercise then you can feel sluggish and the weight can creep on and going to bed with your partner can sometimes be the last thing on your mind. If you are not a natural gym bunny just buy a fitness DVD and get some weights for home and exercise in moderation. You will soon feel the difference in how you look and how you feel- and if you feel good you are more likely to jump between the sheets and burn some calories getting down and dirty with your partner.

Watching too Much Porn:

A lot of couples use porn to spark sexy time but it's when you start watching too much of it then that's when the problems can arise in the bedroom. Watching too many adult movies can actually mess with the signals in your brain leading them to be over-stimulated- if this happens too many times then it can actually affect your ability to become aroused. Your sex drive will soon be back to normal if you lay off the adult movies and appreciate the sexiness of your partner instead. 

At some point in our adult lives we will feel our sex drives changing- for a variety of reasons. However, as you can see from the examples above, some problems can be easily fixed and your sexy time will be back on track in no time at all.