Tuesday, 9 June 2015

10 gifts to buy your boyfriend

Guys can be so difficult to buy presents for. 

However, don’t worry if your man doesn’t have an Amazon wishlist as there are lots of cute gifts you can buy him and the best part is- many of them won’t break the bank.

So if you want to buy the love of your life a present for Valentine’s Day, his birthday or Christmas, then check out these ideas:

Sweets with your name on them: 

Online there are lots of websites where you can personalise your confectionery. I really like the love heart sweets where you can pop your name on the wrapper and inside each candy has cute message already on them.  Marshmallow company is also awesome as they will pop your photos on their sweets. 

Make him ‘Love’ vouchers:

Buy some multi-coloured index cards and on each one write a “service” you’ll provide him. Some can be romantic like a hug, kiss or massage or you can be a little bit naughty. Others can give a service like picking up his dry cleaning or walking his dog. 

Teddy Bear with a Message:

You can get an ordinary teddy bear and tie a message to its neck or you can order a personalised teddy bear from the Build a Bear shop. Teddy bears are one of the most cute boyfriend gift ideas. 

Create a Scrap Book: 

You probably have lots of pictures of the two of you. If you have paper mementos from dates – ticket stubs, concert programmes, etc., you can include them as well. He’ll appreciate that you went to all of the work to memorialise your relationship. 

Matching Jerseys: 

If he has a favourite player on a favourite sports team, get both of you jerseys to match. Include a note that you can wear them the next time you watch a game. He’ll appreciate the sentiment of the jerseys and he’ll also appreciate that you are eager to spend time with him while he’s watching the game. 

Message in a Bottle:

Write him a love letter and place it in a bottle. You can make it a romantic note filled with your hopes for the pair of you in the future or you can make it sexy. It’s a romantic and unique thing to do. 

Inscribed Watch

Over the years I’ve found men love watches- many actually like to build up a collection. If you save up to buy your man this type of gift then make sure you get a lovely message from yourself inscribed onto the back of his watch. An engraved watch is a classic gift and one he will cherish forever.

Mouse Pad:

Take a photo of yourself in a somewhat racy pose and then have it made into a mouse pad. That way, when he’s playing World of Warcraft or Grand Theft Auto, he’s thinking of you.

Recordable key chain:

Go to Amazon or an electronics store and get a recordable keyring. Then leave a romantic or sexy message on it. In my case my fiancé says he loves my little catchphrases, so I bought him one with them all on it. He says he has 'Lindsey in his pocket'  And let’s face it, your man has got to keep his keys close – and that means he’ll keep you close too. 

Cook him his favourite meal

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and I totally agree. Guys love a woman who cooks for them and makes a fuss over them. So dim down the lights, cook him his favourite foods and get your sexy lingerie looked out as you will no doubt become dessert.