Saturday, 12 September 2015

Top 15 websites and apps for wedding planning

We now live in a digital age and thankfully there are lots of great websites and apps that can help with the wedding planning.

Here are a few of my favourites that helped reduce my stress levels:

Wedding Planning App

When we were keeping tabs on all the things we had booked and how much we had already paid we just used an Excel spreadsheet to keep things simple. However, there are lots of cool app you can download on your phone to keep you right. Just type in 'wedding planning' into your App store and choose one, I liked one called 'iWedPlanner' as it was really good to use as it had everything you needed to think about for your big day.

As I've mentioned a few times in this book, planning a wedding can cost a fortune. To help save some pennies we used to get some prices from various vendors. The site allows you to compare prices with wedding professionals up and down the country- they offer everything from car hire, photography, flowers, music to hair and beauty. It's a one stop shop.

This website is how we found our amazing photographer for our wedding for just £350. You log on and pop in when your big day will take place and where it will be held then you put in a total cost of what you are willing to pay. However, it's then up to photographers to bid for your business and you will receive emails with quotes as they all try to outbid each other. 


We used Facebook from the moment we started planning our big day. It was just brilliant for keeping in touch with most of our guests.
We set up a page for the wedding countdown then we set up a further two pages to help organise the stag and hen nights.
We then updated them regularly with our journey to becoming man and wife as well as informed our guests with all the vital arrangements.

Wedding Websites

To keep your guests all up to date with your journey many couples set up their own wedding websites. There are lots of sites online which you can just join and choose a template which will allow you to post what you want and for your guests to check out. Most will offer a basic free service (which is all you need) but many will offer you an upgraded package for a one off fee. Popular ones include and where you not only customise your own website but you also create your very own app. Prices start from $35.


We use Amazon all the time and it really came in handy for some of our wedding planning. We hopped on and bought all our candy buffet equipment as well as things like table diamonds and other accessories.

Amazon is also great if you want to set up a wedding gift wish list. You can pop all the things you would like to receive from your guests and then you can post the link on your wedding Facebook page for them to have a look at.


We used to buy little things for the wedding such as our party poppers and bubbles. However, the store has quite an extensive range of wedding accessories to help you plan your big day. If you don't want to just order online you can also visit one of their many stores dotted across the country.


During the last month in the run up to the wedding we used the Evernote app on our phones virtually every day. My husband and I shared documents and our to-do list and each time one of us completed a wedding task then we ticked it off the list.
I think this app is really handy when you are constantly on the go and you want to keep track of things.


My husband's family live in America so communicating with them via Skype is essential and when we were in the midst of planning our big day it was great to keep them included via video link.

It's also a great tool for on your wedding day and you have guests who can't make it. You can hook up to them via Skype and let them join in part of the festivities, especially if they live on the other side of the world.


This is a great website for gathering ideas for your wedding. You can collect anything from wedding dress designs, colour schemes, stationery templates and hair and beauty ideas. It's a great way to collect all your creative ideas all in the once place for you and your other half to consider for your big day.


Booth my husband and myself wanted to lose a bit of weight for our wedding as we wanted to look and feel great on our big day. The myfitnesspal app came in really handy as we could keep track of our calories as well as how much we were exercising by using the app. You can also put all your measurements and weight into the app and when you tell it how much weight you want to lose it will then tell you how many calories a day you should be eating.

Wedding Accessories

I found a great website for glitzy wedding accessories called It's where I got my necklace and earring set which cost me less than £60 and the jewellery was just beautiful. The online store has designs to suit all tastes and budgets. They also do other accessories such as tiaras, shoes and bridal handbags. Well worth the visit. 


We initially got our wedding invitations made by a woman we met at a wedding fayre. However, at a very late stage we discovered we hadn't invited certain people so we decided just to order more invitations online from a store called They have a huge selection of beautiful wedding stationary in all different shapes, sizes and colours that will meet any budget. We also bought our thank you cards from that website as well as our wedding guest book we passed around our reception.

When it came to organising accommodation for all our guests this website was invaluable. All you do it pop the location where you want to stay and the date you want to go and it will search all the available hotels and Bed and Breakfasts for you. We popped the link on our wedding Facebook page and we let guests book where they wanted to stay the night.

Wedding countdown app

There are lots of wedding countdown apps you can download for your phone. They are a great wee accessory as all you do it pop in the date when you are getting married and they it automatically starts counting down to your big day. When I reached various milestones I used to post a screen grab and post it on my social media accounts. Now that I am married my counter is counting down to our first wedding anniversary.

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