Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to Survive a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are far from easy. It is a sacrifice.

You have to be able to get over the loneliness caused by the distance and the paranoia caused by knowing your partner is so far away.

Once you have decided to get into a long distance relationship then congratulate yourself as it takes a great amount of maturity to be able to face this struggle.

Long distance relationships are full of twists and turns. You have to be patient in waiting for the time when you and your partner will meet again. You will spend most of your time missing him or her and wondering what he or she is doing right that very moment as well as spending memorable events in your life without him or her beside you.

As I said long distance relationships are never easy. But if both of you gets through the hardships then it is all worth it. Once that moment comes when you see each other again, the pains are just a distant memory. However, the pain of saying bye-bye again is never far away.

Long distance relationships are not all doom and gloom though. I have endured two long distance relationships and despite mine not working out I do know other couples who got over the obstacles and after a lengthy time apart they are now living together and are happily married.

There are important factors in maintaining healthy long distance relationships:

First and foremost both partners involved in long distance relationships should have mutual feelings for each other. You have to really love each other and see a future together. If you are both not on the same page and are both not mutually committed to each other then it will just fizzle out.

You also have to trust your long distance partner and have faith in them that they are not seeing other people behind your back. Distance can cause people to over analyse everything and paranoia can set in leaving you to worry that your partner is with someone else. You have to be sure that they are exclusive to you. You have to be very secure in your partnership.

Also, communication is vital for a long distance relationship to survive. Make sure you call each other at least once a day. Using Skype is the best way to say hello nowadays as you get to see each other which will make the distance not seem as bad.

Also planning ahead can ease the stress of being apart for so long. Make sure both of your diaries are filled with days that you have agreed to see each other so that you are both looking forward to being with each other again. Daydreaming about fun times ahead really does help.

Lastly, both of you should be mature enough to handle long distance relationships. They just won't work with people who are childish and who throw their toys out of the pram when times get tough. It will just drive your partner crazy.

Long distance relationships can be fun and adventurous and if the pair of you are are committed and in love then what are a few miles between both of you.

There is never a truer saying; Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.