Monday, 30 September 2013

Camping Can Improve Your Sex Life, According to New Research

If your sex life is needing a bit of a jump start then it seems a few nights under the stars camping is just what you need, according to research by a British tent manufacturer.

OLPRO came up with their findings after quizzing more than 500 couples about their nighttime activities under canvas.

They discovered a staggering 95 percent of couples saw their sex life soar whilst they were camping but also that loving feeling continued to improve when they got back home.

Here are some of the results of their survey:

How often were you and your partner having sex prior to going away?

Once a month 47%

Once a week 28%

Once a year 23%

Once a day 2%

Did did you have sex more often whilst you were away?

Yes, a lot more often 52%

Yes, twice as often 37%

No, the same as usual 8%

Not at all 3%

Why do you think camping enhances your libido?

Fewer distractions 45%

Fewer worries 37%

Closer proximity 9%

Earlier bed time 7%

Being in the great outdoors 2%

Where were you camping?

Dedicated campsite in the UK 71%

Dedicated campsite overseas 22%

In the wilderness overseas? 5%

In the wilderness in the UK? 2%

Commenting on the findings, psychologist Barbara Bishop said:

"Getting out in the great outdoors allows us to leave many of life's distractions and worries behind. It gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our partners and recharge our relationships in a very meaningful way.

We rediscover our primal selves when we're close to nature but there is also that added frisson of knowing just a thin layer of canvas shields us from the outside world. "