Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Can Losing Weight Help Improve Your Sex Life?

Are you a man or woman who is unhappy in the bedroom?  If you are then do you think your bulging waistline might have something to do with it?

Let’s face it when you first get together with someone you are so happy and carefree that you forget about eating healthily. Every time you are together you are either eating out, cooking huge luxurious meals or ordering takeaway, not to mention stuffing your face with goodies when you are both snuggled up on the couch watching movies.

But be warned as gaining weight can have a serious impact on your sex life.

So if you are carrying a few pounds and you feel like you aren’t on top of your game in the bedroom don’t worry as losing weight can more than likely bring the spark back into your love life.

However, many people make the mistake of believing that by losing weight they will automatically have better sex. That’s not always the case as it’s down to how the individual is feeling. Being intimate with your partner may feel better and result in more pleasure but it honestly may be due to an increase in your self-confidence levels.  Men and women who lose weight usually see an increase in self-confidence.  This extra confidence often allows them to enjoy sex more while allowing them to lose their inhibitions. However, the sex may be the same old sex you have been having for years, but it just feels better now.

Another impact that losing weight can have on your sex life is you begin to feel more comfortable experimenting in the bedroom. Experimentation is a key to keeping your relationship hot. When you lose weight you are more likely to try new positions because you suddenly aren’t paranoid how you look when before being a few pounds heavier previously kept you from being creative. If you have lost some weight then this is your time to shine. Show your partner that you now have moves that you never even thought of trying before.

Another form of experimentation in the bedroom is role playing and when you are overweight it’s the last thing you want to do as you are more than likely self-conscious about how you look. Weigh loss gives people the confidence to try new things without the fear of looking silly. By losing those extra pounds you may now have the confidence to have sex with the lights on, wear sexy lingerie or wear a full-blown costume. These kinds of steps can do wonders for your relationship both inside and outside of the bedroom.

I know we have only talked about you so far but it is also important to take your partner into consideration. Unfortunately, when you are overweight and feeling down on yourself it’s something many people don’t think about- the other person. If you were to lose weight there is a good chance your partner will love the improvement in you. Yes, your spouse most likely loves and worships you now, but there is still something attractive about those who take steps to better themselves especially in terms of appearance. If you do decide to lose weight then let your partner know that you lost the weight not only for you but for them too.

Since there is a good chance that your sex life will improve with weight loss you will probably want to get started straight away. Imagine yourself thin in the bedroom enjoying your sex life more as a motivation for shedding the weight. Get back to being that person whom your partner first fell in love with.