Wednesday, 12 June 2013

10 Signs You're Ready for a Relationship

  1. The first thing you need to be is to be ready to have some fun with somebody. Nobody wants to be with a boring person, so be ready to enjoy a relationship. 
  1. Understand that you need to be in a different relationship than the past ones you had. Remember they failed; you don't want to repeat that. Don't stick with something because it was fun, if you just want a repetition you are not being open for newer things to happen!

  2. Make sure you keep your exes out of your mind and whatever you did together. Your new date is not going to be the same and that is both good and bad. Accept this quickly and get ready for something new! 
  1. Be patient and wait for the right person to drop in to, remember you might want to spend the rest of your life with him or her. You just cannot make it happen instantly. Most people find that person when they least expect it. 
  1. Be a positive and upbeat person. Nobody wants to be with an intensely negative person. Positive vibes definitely attract. Be comfortable the way you are and you'll see things just get better! 
  1. If you suffer from the most common syndrome everybody has – thinking they don't look good enough then change that look! A person who has low self esteem because of their looks finds someone who actually likes that look, you don't want to go changing right away!! 
  1. Think practically. If your job is taking all your time then wait for the right time to get into a relationship. If you are just beginning a career then you are probably not ready for a relationship. 
  1. You will not be able to hide your bad habits for a long time. So scrutinize yourself properly, your significant other will point them out to you soon enough, and you don't want to get angry, do you?! 
  1. Try and understand what it was in the previous relationship what could not survive long term, from both sides. It's not about being right or wrong, you just need to be aware because the same things might come up again. 

  1. Remember that there is another person who will have an equal say for the relationship to actually work. The other person should be respected and treated nicely, don't doom your relationships by disrespecting the other person.