Thursday, 18 July 2013

10 Fun Things Do With Your Partner

It seems the longer you've been dating your partner, the harder it can be to keep things exciting, fun and different. You've probably done the same old thing over and over again for some time and are looking for something different to do with each other.

If you are looking for fun things do with your partner then here are 10 suggestions to put the excitement back into your relationship:

Exercise together. There are two great reasons for pulling on your gym gear and getting hot and sweaty with your partner; first of all by exercising together you will tone up and you will get the 'happy chemicals' pumping through your body. But the best reason is that research has shown couples who exercise together have longer, healthier relationships than those who don't.

Spend the day in bed together. Remember when you both got together I bet you would spend the entire weekend in bed just being naughty and chilling out with each other. Well if it has been a while since you've done this then what are you waiting for? Grab a copy of the good lovers guide and try out some new positions. Then order pizza and curl up and watch movies together. 

Cook dinner or bake together. This is a great way to spend time with each other by experimenting in the kitchen while having fun chatting away while sipping a glass of wine or a beer as you listen to some music. It's really relaxing and you have some great food to look forward to at the end. 

Go for a picnic. I love jumping in the car and finding a lovely spot to sit and have lunch at. Go to the supermarket and buy a picnic blanket and grab some great finger food and head off to the beach, local lake or a park. I'm lucky to live across the road from a gorgeous park and my partner and I often head over there and eat great food while chatting or reading a book.

Go to a sports game together. Let's say your partner is into sports. That's actually one of the easiest things to plan because you can just get them tickets to see their favourite team. If you have the money you could even get tickets for an out of town game and make a night or weekend of it.

Head to a museum or exhibition with them. Most cities, and even very small towns, have some sort of museums and exhibitions you could go to. If you want to find something different and fun things do with your partner you can spend a little time exploring what is offered right in your own home town. Many of these attractions are free or very low cost so even if you are on a limited budget you can still do it.

Go for a walk or a bike ride. Get your comfy shoes on and head off into the countryside or your nearest beach and go for a walk together. It's great being in the great outdoors and experiencing new things together. You could always hire a bike instead. Where I live there is a canal path and my partner and I regularly cycle for miles on it.

Go ice skating together. In the winter the two of you could go down to your local ice rink, most will have skate rentals, and go skating. Afterwards head back home and enjoy a quiet night by the fire with a nice meal.

Go learn a different language together. If you can afford night classes at your local college or university to learn a different language then awesome; but if you can't then buy some audio CDs from the Internet and spend a couple of hours a week learning the language together. The best bit is working towards booking a holiday where you can use your new found language skills and put them to the test.

Go on an open top bus tour. Most cities have them and they are a great way of getting out and about together and seeing sights you probably didn't know existed in your local area.

It's not really that hard to think of fun and unique things to do with your partner but it may take a little time and the ability to think outside of the box. 

The first step when trying to figure out fun things do with your partner is to think about their interests and try to find activities that are in line with those interests. 

You may not always pick out activities that they like, but they sure will appreciate all the time and effort you put into it.

Time now to go have some fun!