Monday, 8 July 2013

NEVER use Social Networking to Get REVENGE on your EX

I cringed when I read this week that the estranged wife of celebrity chef Paul Hollywood has been Tweeting sarcastic comments about her ex-husband and posting pictures online allegedly mocking his new flame.

It's only natural that Alexandra Hollywood is hurting after her 15 year marriage ended in May. However, she really needs to get a grip of herself and if you are in her situation at the moment then I am afraid you need to give yourself a shake too.

Blasting your ex on Facebook and Twitter just makes you look stupid and bitter. And trust me, when the dust settles and you finally move on with your life you will look back and regret every single word you posted in cyber space. Once you put something out there on the internet it is there forever, ready to haunt you when you get into a new relationship or when you go for a job interview and your new boss Googles you.


It's the worst feeling when someone ends a relationship when you don't want it to end. But offloading your bile and bitterness online is the last thing you should do. You will feel good for five minutes but then that satisfaction will soon turn to anxiety and emptiness.

Also, don't continually keep looking at their social networking profile; what are you really going to gain from this apart from heartache and anxiety that your partner has moved on and is happy without you and probably with someone else.

Your relationship ended for a reason. That person wasn't right for you and one day you will see that when you move on to someone who really is your soulmate.

The first few months of a break up are really hard emotionally and you have to get used to life on your own again. You will heal and you will move on and by moving on I mean to better things and a better person than who you were previously with.

By looking at your ex-partners Facebook or Twitter you are focussing on your past instead of moving forward with your future. You will never find someone new by cyber stalking your ex.

The best thing to do is DELETE them from your Facebook. BLOCK them from Twitter and DELETE their mobile number from your phone. Also DELETE all the email they have sent you from your inbox too.

And I would suggest when you are getting over a break up DO NOT DRINK. Alcohol can lead you to do things that your sober head would tell you to steer clear of. By that I mean contacting your ex and going mental at them.

The best way to get back at your ex is to become HAPPY. Move on with your life and embrace all the good things that are coming your way.

Leave them in your past where they belong!