Sunday, 7 July 2013

Five Interesting Ways to Kiss Your Partner

Kissing is incredible. It’s passionate, sexy but also very intimate and it can bring two people together in ways other sexy moments can’t. However, many realise that they kiss their boyfriend or girlfriend the same way that they kissed them when they first met them. It is important for couples to switch things up a little bit as it helps to keep the relationship fresh and new.

Use these five interesting ways to kiss your boyfriend/ girlfriend to help bring excitement and passion into your relationship:

Add Some Ice:  Couples are used to the warm feeling that they get when they kiss each other. Try to change this up a little bit by kissing your partner after eating something cold. Ice, ice cream and frozen drinks can help to chill your lips, giving your partner a new and interesting sensation.

From Behind: The usual kiss comes from the front, as couples approach each other and tilt their heads for the kiss. One interesting way to change up your kissing habits is to approach your partner from behind. Kiss them on the shoulder or the back of the neck; this new sensation is often seen as romantic and sexy.

Tease them: Kissing can be an incredible way to tease your partner. Kiss them passionately, and then back off. Kiss them a few times, and then kiss other areas of their body, before stopping. Your passionate kisses, and the sudden stop to them, will leave them begging for more.

Make it Taste Good: One of the easiest ways to surprise your partner ladies is to try out flavored chap sticks and lipsticks. Your boyfriend will get a taste as he kisses you, offering a new sensation to the usual action of the kiss.

Make it Passionate When it Usually Isn't: One of the easiest ways for couples to change things up is to do things in unexpected ways and unexpected places. Try to kiss your partner passionately at times when you usually wouldn't. If you are saying goodbye, pass on the simple peck on the cheek and go in for a passionate kiss. When your partner comes up to give you a peck as you work at a home office or cook dinner, turn around and give them a passionate kiss. These random moments of passion are unexpected and exciting.

While your partner may find some of these different kisses sexy and romantic, they may find others to be awkward and uncomfortable. You need to think about your partner and their personality before you try out these different interesting ways to kiss them.

The perfect kiss can often be one of the most romantic things that you can do. So what are you waiting on? Give it a go!