Thursday, 11 July 2013

10 Reasons Why Having Sex Will BOOST Your Health

We’ve been lucky over the last week or so that the sun has been scorching. As temperatures rise outside they often soar in the bedroom too as our moods change and we start to flash more flesh, plus we get the care free feeling that we experience on holiday.

However, if your partner is not up for getting down and dirty in the bedroom then you could remind them that having sex is awesome for their health.

A study from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital says two sexy bedroom sessions a week can turn back the clock and make you look SEVEN years younger.

Below are 10 other reasons why you should have sex TODAY:

1)      Having sex burns calories and helps to tone you up and lose weight. A thirty minute session burns 100 calories. Who need s the gym? Get under the covers and work on those love handles.

2)      Regular sex makes you more attractive to the opposite sex as your body releases more pheromones when you get in the sexy mood. The more sex you have with your partner the desire to bed them again will be incredible due to those sexy chemicals you release.

3)      If you tell your partner you can’t have sex because you have a headache then I’m afraid you won’t like this fact. Having sex can get rid of the pain in your head because there is an influx of the hormone oxytoctin. Plus you feel good after sex which can also help.

4)      Regular sex also helps levels of depression. An American study by psychologist Dr Gordon Gallup showed women who are in a long-term, sexually active relationship are less likely to suffer with depression than those women who are going without sex. When we have sex we release the ‘happy hormone’ called Serotonin.

5)      Sexy time also strengthens your body’s defences against colds and flu. If you have sex at least twice a week then research has shown that improves an antibody in our system called immunoglobulin A which protects you from the sniffles.

6)      Bedroom activity can help smooth out your wrinkles. That’s because when we have sex we produce the hormone oestrogen which helps plump out our skin and reduces fine lines.

7)      Sex three times a week can halve your chances of having a heart attack or stroke, according to research from the Queens University of Belfast.

8)      Plenty of sex boosts your self-esteem and it gives you a healthy glow. Those who have sex a lot feel better about how they look and how they feel about their bodies. If you have sex before you go to work it also sets you up nicely for the day.

9)      Sex can help you sleep so if you have insomnia you know what you need to do. We all release the hormone oxytoctin before we orgasm which gives us the feel good factor which can lead us to be relaxed and feel sleepy.

10)   And finally, research from Australia claims having sex at least three times a week can lengthen your life as those people in the sexy mood were 50% less likely to die for any medical reason than those who orgasm only once a month.

So what are you waiting on? Dive under the covers and boost your health.