Tuesday, 23 July 2013

You've Got Your Man So Why Have You Let Yourself Go?

Let's face it, all the majority of women really want is to meet an amazing man, get a ring on that finger and settle down.

It can take years of searching and numerous failed relationships and heartache to get to the one person who is your soulmate and who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

That's why I can't believe it when a lot of women get the man of their dreams then they let their appearance slip or stop trying to make an effort.

So many women get the diamond and then think they don't have to try anymore. Don't get me wrong, some men are like this too. They snare their woman and then they put 30lbs on and decide they just want to watch telly or play computer games every night. That's not on either.

However, it's the women I am concerned about at this precise moment. 

I just don't understand that in order to get a man you have to put effort into the way you look and the way you conduct yourself only to let it go when you meet someone. Have a bit of pride in yourself. Remember he didn't meet you wearing jogging pants, Ugg boots and your hair scraped back in a pony tail with no makeup on. 

So many women complain about how their husbands or long term partners aren't paying them as much attention as they used to, or they aren't wanting to have sex as much with them or take them out socialising. Well a lot of the time it's because he has forgotten what the woman he fell in love with actually looks like.

Now I'm not saying you have to look like Barbie and be all dolled up every time you are with him.

What I am saying is:

Make sure your hair is washed and brushed when you are with him. Go to the hairdressers every 7 weeks to maintain your style.

Watch your personal hygiene- put on some nice perfume or deodorant.

Put a bit of makeup on. Some lip gloss and blusher will be fine if you are not going out to dinner. Go for a fake tan now and again.

Watch your weight. When you are in a relationship it is so easy to become comfortable and eat everything in sight. But remember he probably met you a few dress sizes smaller so be careful not to balloon out of control.

Get out of those jogging pants or jeans and make a bit of effort by wearing a skirt or dress once in a while.

Don't always go to bed with your old worn pyjamas on- get a sexier nightdress or even better don't wear anything on occasion.

Buy yourself some nice underwear as this will make you feel a bit more confident and sexy.

Remember to shave and keep those body hairs at bay. No man wants to share a bed with a hairy woman.

At least once a week why don't you try and initiate sex.

Get back to seeing your friends or continuing the hobby that you let slide. Men love an independent woman.

Get back to putting effort into your relationship- suggest things to do and see.

Don't nag your partner, this is a huge turn off.

Now I know a lot of women reading this will be screaming at the computer: "I've got two kids, I don't have bloody time to look good everyday." 

Well I'm sorry to say that you should make time because your partner deserves you to put some effort in.

As with anything in life if you want something to work then you have to put some effort in and that includes your relationship.

If you look like crap then don't get annoyed at your man when he eyes up a pretty girl who's walking down the street.

He made a commitment to be with you but it's up to you to make sure he doesn't forget the awesome, gorgeous, independent woman he fell in love with.